Posted by: bestoffair | August 17, 2010

Signing up on Elance

I think this site is wonderful.  It seems like they have thought of a lot of the challenges a freelancer would face and have addressed them.  The thing that I am finding challenging is that it’s so friggin complicated!  They have an Elance University, which is definitely helpful, and they make each provider take a test to see if she understands how some aspects of Elance are supposed to work.  I learned a lot from that test.  BUT.  I’m a smarty.  I swear.  And it’s unfortunate that this is one of those disorienting sites where each time you click a link it takes you to a different screen (Denver building permits webpage, anyone?) which may or may not have the same links or even the same overlay as the page that got you there.  I’m getting whiplash trying to navigate it.

In the meantime, I am hopeful that this is a good step for me and that I will find some good work through this.  Crossed fingers!



  1. Hi bestoffair, this is Nicole Miller from (formerly known as

    Congratulations on your decision to join this new, growing online workforce. If you find Elance too difficult to use, try vWorker. is a viable 10 year old online employment marketplace as well and it provides access to programming, writing, illustration, even data entry jobs. (You can get a sense of the broad scope of work available here:

    It’s also a lot easier to navigate!

    If you have any questions, feel free to call in to talk to a facilitator, or send email through the site’s feedback form.

    Nicole Miller

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